The new University?

“Higher Education” may now be a misnomer.

It might make sense to face the truth that all education is not much more than “Continuing Education” which is the buzz term for that education professionals and certified tradespeople must take to maintain their credentials and stay on the cutting edge of their chosen field of work.

(I know this won’t be a popular message amongst “Traditional College Administrators and faculty”)

What’s the difference between this “CE” and the other education that offers other “designations” like PHD, RN, MD, DDS etc . . . other than the sheer cost?

I’m here to argue that it would behoove ALL of us to continue our education as long as we are breathing.

When we stop learning, we stop living.

The shark that stops moving, dies . . . The mind that stops moving also dies (It’s clinically proven that elderly folks who keep their minds engaged have a lower incidence of Alzheimer Disease – Dementia etc).

So, let’s stop with the posturing and show-boating of the immense importance of undergraduate and graduate definitions of “Education” and face a strong dose of reality.

As I write this, there are MANY MBA grads without jobs . . . innumerable unemployed College grads . . . The “degrees” aren’t buying the success they used to buy.

As this landscape has changed, so has the look and feel of what education is and how it is delivered. Many universities have moved towards on-line courses (The virtual realm) with webinars and electronic gatherings.

I personally applaud any level of education any person pursues.

NOTHING replaces the power of the in-person, small classroom, learning environment . . . This allows for real, authentic exchange of knowledge and develops leaders and thinkers and connectors.

As I have shaped Pareto Realty, one of the core components has always been a strong commitment to creating an on-going learning environment for our community of REALTORS as well as our clients and local businesses.

We offer education to anyone who shows up . . . and we invite frequently.

As we design our new office space, more than 1/2 of the space will be dedicated to support this commitment to education and will provide space for the community to use as a classroom and/or gathering space for anyone and everyone who needs a nice place for learning.

As I was working on this design, a conversation with a friend led to my discovery of The Skillery which resulted in a HUGE AHA for me.

The Skillery is a brilliant on-line “Community University” – Their faculty is whoever in the community wishes to teach . . . and their students are anyone in the community who wants to learn.

Check it out, and you’ll understand what my intentions are with the Pareto realty CLC (Community Learning Center) . . . and yes, we are already “on the faculty” at the Skillery.

I am offering LRW3 – Life Rhythm Way – a 6 session workshop beginning in April – follow the link for details.

The Skillery (IMHO) represents a fantastic steps towards what I believe to be the new definition of “University”

Keep on learning 🙂

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