The long ball

The long ball can create MIRACLES!

In virtually every sport (and in life), the momentum of the game can shift as a result of a successful Long Ball Play.

In Basketball, it’s the 3 pointer . . . or the Fast Break.

Football – “Hail Mary” passes or 98 yard kickoff returns.

Golf – the Hole in One

Soccer – the perfectly timed “send” of the ball to the track star striker

On the internet – “going viral”

In business – the randomly whacky strategy that STICKS.

“Get RICH Quickly” schemes!

These plays are fun to watch and EXHILARATING.

The crowd OOOS and AHHHHs and rallies behind the new-found momentum.

Everyone is WOWED, and the players who orchestrated the magnificent feat receive accolades and admiration from their swooning fan-base.

BUT . . . The long ball is NOT a consistent winning strategy.

In fact just at that point in time that a team begins to include the long ball as a primary component of the offensive strategy, they’re priming themselves for a fall.

While long balls require the assimilation of just enough Agility, Strength, Expertise, Bravery, Drive, Determination . . . they also require a measure of LUCK!

Assuming the opponent is worthy, opportunities for long balls decrease with every time there is success as the defending team shifts strategy to shut it down.

To some degree, the long ball requires less effort per unit gained because it generally only involves effort from 1 or 2 players.

Most of the other offensive series engage the entire team in multiple plays and varieties of strategies.

As I was watching my daughter’s basketball game, this morning, the other team had a GREAT “3 point game” and scored a few times with long shots and then a few more times with Fast Breaks while our team worked well together to get the ball “inside” and under the goal for close range (and easy) shots.

@ 6 minutes into the game, our team changed defensive strategy to shut down the long balls and dropped one player back earlier to protect the goal from fast breaks.

With those 2 elements no longer options, our opponents were effective neutered. We learned that they didn’t have an “inside Game” . . . and we proceeded to WIN 🙂

There’s NO “Long Ball Strategy” that can replace:

  • There’s no “I” in “TEAM
  • Mastery of the fundamentals
  • Diligence (Hard Work)
  • Consistency
  • Persistency

The most fun part about all of this for me is that as any team maintains more consistent focus on the these things that matter . . . they tend to have more spontaneous long ball moments.

Ain’t it fascinating?

I can’t wait to see you in the Winner’s Circle.


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