The Lifetime Value of Your REALTOR – PRICELESS!

REALTORS make their living helping families and investors buy and sell “real property.”

On the surface, most people think that REALTORS are “Sales people” who manage the process of finding the right house for a buyer . . . or the right buyer for the house . . . and then coordinate all of the details of the transaction.

This is only the tip of an HUGE and often untapped lifetime benefit of taking your relationship with your REALTOR beyond the closing table.

Most REALTORS are quintessential networkers.

They embed themselves into their local communities and seem to know EVERYONE!

I’ve always thought of REALTORS as being the “First Call” for any and all real estate related resources for their current and former clients for referrals to:

  • Contractors
  • Accountants
  • Attorneys
  • Bankers
  • Salons/Barbers
  • Auto mechanics
  • and the list goes on . . .

We REALTORS are living and breathing rolodexes for virtually anything you might need while living in the house, community, and lifestyle we helped you buy.

The often over-used cliche is “REALTOR for life” with the implication that when you buy from me, you become my client for life.

So . . . here’s my point!

Your REALTOR will serve you and protect you throughout your real estate transaction, but that’s only the beginning.

I want you to take full of advantage of the “LIFETIME Value of your REALTOR” by putting her number on speed dial as a resource for virtually anything and everything you might need . . . EVER.

Keep that relationship solid because your REALTOR can save you from blindly hiring other professionals who might not serve you well.

How do you measure THIS value?

I’m not sure it’s something you can put a price on, but I do know how you can express your appreciation for your REALTOR’s willingness to be there for you as a resource for the rest of all time . . . Be an advocate for your REALTOR . . . a “Raving Fan” who actively listens for other people you know talking about making a move . . . and then taking ACTION by calling your REALTOR immediately and passing along your friend’s name and contact info.

THIS is the circle of life for a healthy community and so often it’s the REALTORS who are the “glue” that keeps things together 🙂

PS – Here’s a little known secret . . . Your REALTOR probably does not “have an APP” for everything you need . . . but most REALTORS have very active networks of other local REALTORS through their associations or “breakfast clubs” and we are, by nature, very generous folks who are resources also for each other.

Your loyalty to your REALTOR could become one of your most valuable relationships.

PS The Vital Few agents of Pareto Realty take our relationships with our clients very seriously – Y’all are family . . . SERIOUSLY 🙂

Published by Barry Owen

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