The importance of celebrating a birthday!

Today is Pareto Realty’s Birthday!

Yep – Our firm license “posted” September 14, 2010.

Our baby is growing up.

8 Years old


Broker the $million Gross Annual revenue mark in 2017 . . . will hit $1.5M in 2018.

Our brand is getting noticed more and more every day . . . So . . . Happy Birthday Pareto Realty!

Seth Godin’s blog post today entitled Profitable, difficult, or important?

said it just right:

“But the most daring and generous, those that are often overlooked and never hit a trillion dollars in the stock market, are left to do the important work. The work of helping others be seen, or building safe spaces. The work of creating opportunity or teaching and modelling new ways forward. The work of changing things for the better.”

THIS is descriptive of Pareto Realty and the Vital Few Real Estate Sales Professionals who are individually and collectively making a difference in the lives of the people we serve and in our communities.

We are family!

Each year, every one of us has a BIRTHDAY, and I believe this is THE most important to celebrate LARGE . . . to be with the ones you love . . . to reminisce and honor from whence we’ve come.

And then . . . to remind yourself of that for which you stand and your obligation to BE your authentic self.

Be proud and strong and generous and humble and always do your best to make every day better than before.

we Paretozoans are doing just that today!

Happy Birthday to us!

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