The “HUB” of every community

In every community on the planet, there are learning centers.

These centers come in myriad shapes and sizes

  • Day-cares
  • Pre-schools
  • Elementary, Middle, and High schools (Public and Private)
  • Colleges and Universities (Public and Private)
  • Vocational Schools (Public and Private)
The potential impact on the community for each of these Learning Centers is directly proportional to the “Osmosisty” between them and the surrounding community.
What’s the relationship between the schools and the neighbors?
Are local businesses investing in the schools?
Are local families investing in the schools?
Are the schools inviting the Local Businesses and Families IN?
If not . . . WHY NOT?
I am a true believer that if what we want is to “fix” what’s broken in most communities, we can make HUGE strides forward simply by taking a look at (and improving) the relationship between the community and the schools.
the schools have great facilities and land – Awesome spaces for conferences and neighborhood gatherings . . . and school is only in session during the days of the week.
I’m organizing a community conference – Bringing hundreds of REALTORS together with hundreds of Local Business owners . . . Details are here
I did the first of these events in 2011 and was rejected by every school I approached for use of their space (gymnasiums are PERFECT for this process)
This year, I had the good fortune of striking up a good relationships with Gary Hughes – New Principal of JT Moore Middle School and was meeting with him to learn how I could help him this year . . . and my conference showed up in the conversation.
Gary got a gleam in his eyes as he realized that he could have hundreds of REALTORS and Business owners in HIS school . . . and how valuable that would be to everyone involved . . . and he IMMEDIATELY offered his school.
So . . . Here we go . . .
How can YOU engage?
If you know of ANY Local Business (Restaurant, Service business, Retail business, etc) that would like more exposure within the community, have that owner contact me to learn more about how they can participate,
NREC2012 is going to a “MAIN EVENT” for the Nashville Community.
(Can you tell I’m a little bit excited about this conference?)
register online here
or contact me direct at or 615-568-2123 with any questions.
Let this conference be your catalyst for a fantastic 2013 – and for the community.
Thank you Gary Hughes and JT Moore for being a STRONG HUB.

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