The HEAT is tolerable but this HUMIDITY?

Here in Nashville, we often get the WORST kind of heat.

It’s this oppressive, steamy, HOT blanket of air that hits you like a Mack Truck the second you set foot out the door.

This is the kind of heat that makes you just want to turn around and go back inside.

It causes you to think twice about going out.

Is this trip really necessary?

Can we squeeze a couple more meals out of the food we have in the pantry & Fridge?

Maybe – just maybe – the temperature and the humidity will fall in a couple of days.

We’re sure to get afternoon showers as Mother Nature adds insult to injury by adding rainfall to the already overly moist environment.

Almost every year this time of year, someone asks me if weather like this affects the Real Estate market.

Of COURSE it does!

Who wants to out in this weather looking at houses?

I’ll tell who wants to be looking houses in this weather . . . SERIOUS home Buyers!


In weather like this, the amount of showing activity definitely decreases because the less serious, casual shoppers stay in their cool homes and let those buyers with real urgency brave the horrid conditions.

So . . . The effect on the market is not quite the effect you might imagine.

Less activity and similar sales volume . . . Still multiple offers on HOT properties.

This time of year brings with it a few other contributing factors as families vacation and/or have kids at home rather than in school which do cool off the pace a bit, but by no means does it come to a screeching halt.

So . . . It’s STILL a GREAT time to sell your current house and buy a different one.

Only difference might be that your REALTOR is likely to be wearing flip-flops . . .

Dive in . . . The water’s warm!

Published by Barry Owen

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