The Halloween Snub

An apple tree, a monster, and a Princess were skipping up the front walk of the house chattering excitedly and carrying pillow cases laden with a wide assortment of candy. At first glance, this house looked like a winner. All the lights were on, and the trick-or-treaters could see a man and a woman sitting inside talking. The princess was particularly excited because she knew the lady and really liked her.

We parents stood on the street watching. As the kids knocked on the door, the lady inside jumped up and started turning off all of the lights in the house and we all heard the deadbolt in the front door engage.

Utter deflation as the Trick-or-treaters came to grips with the reality that they had just been snubbed by a lady they thought was a friend.


As we all walked away, we tried to rationalize this snubbing . . . worked our best at not judging this lady. We wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt – Perhaps she was out of candy – or in a deep conversation – or on the phone . . . but if she was who we thought she was, she would have at least answered the door on Halloween night if for no other reason to say”HI”

As much as we tried, we couldn’t help but think a little less of her.

Like the clerk in a retail store who sees you coming towards the door at 3 minutes til closing time and races to door to flip the “Open” neon light off . . .

or the cashier at the grocery who walks out from behind the register to hang that magnetic coily divider string between the current customer and the next one and loudly announces: “This lane is CLOSED after this lady!”

What about the REALTOR who doesn’t answer the phone and NEVER returns the call (or email).

Each time this kind of thing happens is the equivalent of a withdrawal of positive reputation for the company’s brand.

The message is loud and clear: “I don’t care about you . . . and I don’t care what you think of me.”

Eventually, customers start talking to customers and business dwindles.

I know an apple tree, a Monster, and a Princess who all have a different opinion of Ms Snub Lady today than yesterday.

The fix?



Published by Barry Owen

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