The Greatest Mystery of Life

Deb was watching the movie “The Man in the Iron Mask” and when I walked into the room, I heard (loud and CLEAR):

“The greatest mystery of life is who we truly are!”

That assemblage of words struck me to the core as many people are so busy doing what they doing sometimes without concern for who they truly are.

The life quest then might become: “to find a life (a way of living) that honors who I truly am.”

I am confident that ‘splains many of my “entrepreneurial¬†seizures¬†as I shift and shape myself and the environment around me . . . because in some twisted way, it’s all heading in the same direction.

Seth Godin wrote a blog post this morning

When the Truth is Just Around the Corner

in which he said:

“There are more mirrors available than ever. Sometimes, though, what’s missing is the willingness to take a look.”

the Greatest Mystery . . .

Be willing to look in the mirror . . .

Acknowledge who you truly are . . .

Go THAT direction!

The rest will sort itself out . . .

Just sayin’






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