The Friday Night Rush at Panda Express

We happened to be in Madison, Tn Friday night and collectively got the urge for some Chinese Food. Remembering we had passed a Panda Express earlier, we headed there.

As we entered the door, we saw a LONG line of people waiting to be served and the air was charged with ENERGY . . . sounds of clanking pans and utensils from the open kitchen . . . There was  a LEADER right in the thick of it all who was masterfully orchestrating a stellar performance of the 4 cooks, 3 line servers, and solitary Cashier.

This gelled team was REALLY delivering a LOT of food in a VERY short period of time. Every customer in line was mesmerized by the show.

Each time a serving dish neared empty, a full one would emerge from the chefs without missing a beat.

Without breaking stride, this Leader and his 4 front people were interacting with each and every customer attentively and making each one feel IMPORTANT. I could tell that many of these customers were “Regulars” as talk of kids and family ensued whilst the kitchen masters assembled the various meals.

Even with all of the cacophony and excitements when it came time for us to place our order, we felt unrushed and HEARD as we decided our choices.

The food tasted great, and the show continued as we ate.

Eventually, the line of customers ended and the staff immediately shifted into recovery mode – Restocking and cleaning . . . and then as if on some subliminal cue began high-fiving each other and congratulating each other for a job well done . . . The Leader joined the celebration . . . Smiles all around.

As we were gathering our things to leave, we noticed the Leader standing outside the front door catching some fresh air . . . He opened the front door, and 25+ people filed through the door for the next wave of the Friday Night Rush at Panda Express.

When I grow up, I want to be on a team like that 🙂

  • Motivated
  • Mutually Supportive
  • A Leader who understands that a happy crew provides higher quality service resulting in HAPPY customers
  • My favorite – CELEBRATION of a collective job well done

If you want to see an organization that oozes with exemplary high performance for all the right reasons, head on over to Panda Express in Madison for a meal.

and then apply some of what you learn from the experience to YOUR team (Family, Sports, Work)

2155 Gallatin Pike N
Madison, TN 37115 USA

Phone: 615-851-8984

BTW – we weren’t the only people who noticed – We witnessed several customers approaching the Leader (Manager) and congratulating him and his crew


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