The Faster I go the behinder I get

The Faster I go The Behinder I get” is a quote from Lewis Carroll . . . who’d a thought?

I’ve seen this quote on t-shirts, bumper stickers, etc . . . and have never seen a “proper credit” nod to the author . . .

Maybe that’s a self-fulfilling prophesy.

In our frenetic world of raplexity (Rapid Complexity), the social pressures to always go FASTER and do MORE in less time and increase VOLUME of sales and number of relationships . . . We MUST produce MORE to be “valid.”

All the appropriate tools are absolutely available and necessary – and there’s a veritable legion of technological soldiers toiling away at finding ways to increase speed, accessibility and efficiency of each and every tool.

24/7/365 access is the goal . . . and immediate response should happen always.

The buzz is that if you don’t jump on this bandwagon, you’ll be a loser . . . without a snowball’s chance in hell of keeping up with your competition (The Joneses).

So . . . HURRY! Grab your (Latest edition) smartphone and join ALL of the Social Media networks . . . and add “Power Energy Drinks” to your “Daily Recommended required diet”

If you don’t, the world is going to pass you by and you’ll NEVER be able to catch up.

Where’s the depth?

I think the “Behinder I get” Part of Lewis Carroll’s quote references many of the things that happen to us as we frantically attempt to keep up . . . and PERFORM!

OH! Simple things like:

  • The time, energy, and distraction of Picking up the balls we’ve dropped along the way . . . cleaning up the messes we created as our focus on speed and volume caused us to forget the details . . . or misplace things
  • Failure to develop DEEP relationships because we are so focused on VOLUME – Our friends, family, work associates, clients, and vendor partners become INTERRUPTIONS in our “Fast Lane Travels”
  • Missed Opportunities – We zoom right past some of the BEST innovative ideas.
  • Mistaken Opportunities – In our haste, we tend to take any juicy bait that wanders into our field of vision thinking it’ll be the magic pill that’ll solve all of our organizational dilemmas . . . then we fail to implement (because we’re too busy) or we implement and discover that we’ve been sold a bill of goods that’s more distracting than useful

This list could continue ad infinitum . . .



“STOP! and smell the roses!!”

Your commitment to raplexity is robbing YOU and US of your true, authentic self.

Life’s too short to spend it under this level of pressure and shallow relationships.

Today, My Daily Horoscope said:

Don’t worry about the future. Make sure today rocks!”

So . . . How DO you get from Raplexity to Healthy Life Rhythm?

I have an “app” for that . . . It’s my “Life Rhythm Way Coaching Program” and it’s ALL about focusing on the things (and people) that/who truly MATTER and living intentionally in your NOW!

This all begins with something you can do NOW without delay . . . A commitment to life excellence and a tad less focus on keeping up with the joneses.

Just sayin’



PS – I offer Coaching for individual professionals, Teams, and Organizations @ the Principles of The Life Rhythm Way . . . and/or speaking engagements intended to motivate audiences to seek more depth in life . . . Just contact me for more information.


Published by Barry Owen

Residential Real Estate sales Strategist Search - Analysis - Negotiation - CLOSED Inviter-Facilitator-Practicer of Open Space Technology Opening safe space for people & organizations to self-organize around issues & opportunities Invite-Listen-Love

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