The end is near . . . Monday Morning Coffee!

Yes! These are ominous times If you allow them to be . . .

Oh! I can think of a million (or more) reasons for all of us to be worried in the present or wary of the future or depressed and lacking motivation.

Every day is shorter than the one before, and less daylight fosters gloomy dispositions.

This darned Presidential Election creates angst for anyone who’s tuned in to the news and Social Media. Many folks don’t like either of the candidates, and NO ONE likes witnessing the mud slinging competition that seems to be self-perpetuating.

The weather is turning cooler, and the “Cold & Flu Season” is upon us.

Hurricanes swirling around . . .

News of terrorists and rogue Nation Leaders misbehaving keep us unsettled . . . just wondering if and when something will hit home.

For sure, the end is near, right?


YOU get to choose your outlook on life!

NOW is the PERFECT time to design your future just as you wish!

Consider all the things that are right in your life . . . and all the ones that aren’t, and get to work “taking stock” of what (and who) matters enough to bring with into your future.

Look 10 years into your future!

What’s that look like?

Do you know how to get there?


Well, this makes you perfectly normal, and you’ve gotta start with a clear vision of that 10 year goal.

We can then dial this back to a 5 year goal . . . Then 3 year . . . Then what needs to happen by the end of 2017 to get a good start on this this journey?

Without a doubt, this is going to take some REAL effort, and many of our ideas will not bear fruit, but we’re going to resolve TODAY that we will consistently and persistently putting one foot in front of the other every day . . . and pick ourselves up each time we fall down – Brush ourselves off – and resume our offensive posture.

Why am I writing this message on October 10?

Well! Many people are thinking now that there’s no point in starting any new initiatives in October because Halloween is only a few weeks away – Then Thanksgiving – Then Christmas and New Years Eve – Then WINTER (we hibernate) . . . So we’ll quit trying til mid-March?

TODAY is the day We MUST commit not to succumb to the holiday doldrums.

Don’t DARE let THIS year play out as many prior years have played out.

THIS year, we are going to shun the naysayers and rev up our engines and BLAST through the Fall of 2016 such that we build HUGE momentum into 2017.

Each Fall, I offer a 6 week Workshop to help participants “do this right.”

I call this Life Rhythm, and anyone is welcome to plug in – Details are at this link

Of course, you don’t have to attend a workshop to do what you need to do to carry yourself through the Fall and into 2017.

For me, this whole thing boils down to deciding to be INTENTIONAL about everything we do and being totally present in NOW with a keen eye on a clear vision of the future.

Are you IN?

Hoping you have a great week.


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