The Delusion of Willpower

Wiki says “Willpower is the strength to act, or forbear from acting, in the pursuit of a goal.”


So . . . Is it willpower that drives you to (through) the goal?

Can you rely on willpower all the time?

What happens when willpower wanes – lets you down?

These questions generally begin surfacing a couple of weeks following the annual ritual of defining New Year Resolutions.

Why do so many people fail to stick to their resolutions?

I’d venture to say that in order to comply with the new demands of the resolution, a person must break routine – step out of his “comfort Zone” – Explore uncharted personal territory . . . and the real issue is that most folks rely mostly on WILLPOWER to accomplish this gargantuan task.

This is delusional thinking.

‘The way I’ve ALWAYS done things” almost certainly wins when push comes to shove . . . Even Willpower likes the comfort zone.

That’s why Health clubs’ profitability taper as the year advances beyond January.

unless you cheat 🙂

Put SYSTEMS in place that force you (and your Willpower) to continue towards the goal.

– Set an alarm clock to jolt you out of your slumber sufficiently early that you can take appropriate action.

– Buddy up with (SEVERAL) friends to hold each other accountable

– Practice TIME BLOCKING . . . Block out the time for the new regimen for the entire YEAR.

– Acknowledge your innate resistance to change

– reward yourself along the way – Define “waypoints” at which times you get a special treat . . . Something gluttonous like a walk in the park without your cell phone.

Whatever you do . . . don’t rely solely on willpower . . . or you’re likely going to be losing that same 25 pounds again next year.

or . . .

You’re going to have the same business year this year as last year . . . and then again next year and the year after that and so on and so on and so on . . . Next thing ya know, it’ll be time to retire or expire and you’ll wonder what you could have accomplished . . . if only . . .

I’m Just sayin’



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