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Below is the email I sent today to the 650 Local REALTORS who have been in my “Mega-Agent Group” in my database the past several years. I have emailed this group 2 times every week like clockwork whether they wanted it or not . . . but always had the legal “Opt Out”

I like this way better 🙂

Happy Friday to you!

I’ve had a SPAM Awakening and wrote this blog post about it a couple of days ago

 and I decided that it’s time to stop the madness . . .

 So . . .

 You will not be receiving any more bulk emails from me about Invitations to Lunch & Learns and other events and happenings.

 I know some of you might be rejoicing at this prospect of a couple fewer emails in your inbox each week.

 For folks who still want to stay tuned to the Lunch & Learns, I have created a way for you to subscribe for Email or RSS delivery of my blog posts.

 Subscribe to my Blog

 I will continue to offer weekly “Lunch & Learns” and will promote them through the BlogSite and Facebook Events.

 If you would like to receive my daily Blog Posts and stay in the loop on these events, simply hit the link and subscribe.

 If not . . . Enjoy the peace 🙂

 2 Invitations as I sign off:

  • Learn about being a REALTOR Private Investigator
  • Wednesday August 29 @ 10 AM @ Pinnacle Bank Belle Meade

and . . . a shameless plug for you to reserve THIS Date:

 The Nashville Real Estate Consortium on Saturday November 3 – 

A full day conference like none you’ve ever attended

Reserve the day to build community with us 

 Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog if you want to stay in the know about these events 🙂

 Signing off!


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