The darn thing doesn’t work

In this digital world we’re in, things often don’t go as smoothly as we want.

The “Red Flag” that danger lurks is often in the form of of a declaration on the box (or website advertisement) . . . “EASY INSTALLATION!” . . . “Some assembly required”.

We expect an experience commensurate with these promises and are frequently disappointed.

Missing parts . . . special tools required . . . nonsensical directions . . .

Thanks go to The National Association of REALTORS for the material for this particular rant.

They launched this “great MVP program” whereby members can do a task and get rewarded with free stuff.

Sounds great, right?

Well . . . Here’s a facebook post I wrote when I was trying to get the coveted webinar:

“Is anyone else baffled by the NAR MVP program? Way more complicated than it needs to be. Offers a “Free Webinar” if we register for the newsletter . . . I did that . . . Then attempt to download the webinar – Requires a “Discount Code” . . . which will theoretically show up in a “Confirmation email” which will come in 48 hours. Don’t they understand that most REALTORS don’t have the time or patience to jump through all those hoops? (Poorly Conceived “Benefit”)”

Next day, the email with the discount code showed up – I logged in and entered the code and successfully downloaded the webinar (or so I thought). Turns out the link I received was to an on-line PDF which had another link which took me to a different site to download a “Webex” plug-in in order to hear the webinar. I hit that link, downloaded the link and was finally able to hear the webinar. It was decent content, so I decided I would share it with my team at our next meeting (today) . . .

Guess what?

The computer in my training room is a ChromeBook . . . so the Webex doesn’t work . . . I was redirected to the Chrome store to find a chrome plug-in . . . I found it and installed it . . . it doesn’t work.


This is nothing more complex than an audio file which could have been emailed – compatible with any platform . . . In my book, this is one fail after another, and I’m not likely to attempt any more of the NAR MVP thingies.

2 things you MUST NOT do to your loyal members . . . Do NOT waste our time or money . . . and in our business, time IS money.

Simple is better!

Instead of listening to the webinar, we’ll have a discussion based on my notes 🙂

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