The BEST time to sell your house is . . .

When you’ve got a great reason to move!

Around this time of year, all of us REALTORS go to parties and gatherings, and pretty much everyone we see asks: “How’s the Real Estate Market?”

I respond:

“The real estate market is GREAT!

Why do you ask?

Are you contemplating a move?”

Often, the response to this question is another question?

“Is NOW a good time to sell? I’ve heard the worst time to sell a house in during the holidays. Is this true?”

My response: “When you have a great reason to sell your house is the best time to sell!”

The things is . . . Unless you’re committed to making a move, odds are not great that you’ll have a smooth experience.

We don’t know why, but we see this frequently.

I say more about this in this morning’s Video!

Published by Barry Owen

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