The best “Rewards” programs save MONEY and respect your TIME!

The fastest path to losing me as a customer is to waste my time and money.


Office Depot just promised me (in an email promo) to receive my “rewards ” faster by registering on-line . . . Against better judgement, I took the bait and hit the link.

That took me down an on-line bunny trail which led to 10 minutes of frustration as I waded through a maze of login/password complications ending with immediate disposal of my “working Rewards” plastic card.

The next email I saw came from Office Max and plainly stated that my $29.40 in “Rewards” is now available for my use . . . Very simple!

Our family enjoys travel (by car), so we stay at lots of hotels. We like the Marriott “rewards program” as it entices us to “earn a free night as soon as we accumulate only 3000 more points” . . . Hmmm . . . What’s that entail? I often wonder because I feel “nickled and dimed” every time I stay at a Marriott with more fluff – Internet access is $12.95 for 24 hours – Parking is $15/night – Full HOT Breakfast Buffet $8.95 . . . I get all of that for free @ a Hampton or Holiday Inn Express with a little less fluff but nice people (without having to “manage” a “Rewards Program”).

Seems every business on the planet feels the need to have a “Rewards Program” to maintain “Customer Loyalty” resulting in a pocket full of plastic cards for most people.

Why not uncomplicate things and just offer more benefits?

I’m more loyal to a business who charges me a fair fee and delivers slightly more than promised than one that tries to hook me  with future rewards.

Reward me NOW and every time I show up at your business and don’t clutter my experience with pesky little up-charges for the “extras” that you can easily work  into your budget!

Make it easy for me to do business with you, and I’ll not only be a LOYAL customer . . . I’ll also REFER EVERYONE I know to you 🙂

How does this apply to YOUR business?

Just sayin’



PS – One of the unique features of the Pareto Realty business model is NO ADD ON FEES for our associates or our House Buying and Selling clients . . . Just a clean, simple fee structure and great service.

Published by Barry Owen

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