The best Contact Manager Program?

Many sales people are looking for that “Magic Bullet” of CRM programs.

This is a search for a Holy Grail that I’m not sure exists.

Most CRMs are more powerful than they need to be.

The sales person just wants the CRM to create success and often ends up “working for” the CRM rather then the CRM working for them.

Few of them deliver results commensurate with the expectations of the users.

My humble observation is that few professionals need all of the bells and whistles offered in most CRM programs . . . too complicated.

So . . . What’s the best route for the sales professional who wants to efficiently keep in touch with the right people at the right frequency to generate sufficient leads to spawn enough SALES to reach their personal and financial goals?

I believe it boils down to a few simple things:

  • A well organized DATABASE in a versatile platform such that communicating individually or with groups is simple.
  • Good HABITS – The discipline to DO what it takes . . . FOCUSED and UNINTERRUPTED DIRECT CONTACT with REAL, LIVE HUMANS a minimum of 2 hours each day.
  • Diversity of exposure – A multi-prong “attack” to capture mind share with a mix of communication including Face:Face, Voice:Voice, Direct Mail, Email, Social Media, Signs in yards.
  • An “Always ON” approach to living – This won’t work well if you don’t like people, but the essence is that we seek interaction with ALL people ALL the time (Even the ones we don’t know – YET). We talk to strangers, and we know that in every interaction, we must “let it slip” that we sell houses . . . We know we are setting a very effective TRAP because EVERYONE likes to talk about Real Estate.

The sooner you realize that none of the above 4 things is more important than the other 3 and that ALL 4 are equally essential to building a fabulous career in Real Estate Sales (and ALL forms of sales), the faster you’ll reach that BIG goal.

No CRM program will do this for you.

All you need is Gmail Contacts, a Telephone, and willingness to commit yourself to a few new GOOD Habits!

Will you implement this NOW so you can hit the ground RUNNING in 2016?


Published by Barry Owen

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