The BAU and your success

Have you watched “Criminal Minds”?

It’s an addiction of mine.

I don’t watch it because of the suspense and drama and mystique (although all of that is there).

I watch it because it ENGAGES my brain . . . It’s not “mindless TV”.

The BAU is the “Behavioral Analysis Unit” . . . a group of highly specialized crime solvers who catch the REALLY bad criminals – Serial Killers and rapists who are pathological. These are the criminals who don’t think the same way we “normal” humans think.

The technique and rhythm of what the BAU does has some real validity when tied to solving the enigmatic “problem” of find personal and business success.

Fundamentally, the key is to UNDERSTAND the way these criminals THINK.

Once the BAU gets inside their heads and understands the way they think, They peel to other layers of their “onion” and start seeking answers to other questions.

  • What’s the “Trigger” that caused them to escalate their crime?
  • What is happening in the larger environment that may be a factor?
  • What’s the “Victimology”? Who is their target and why?
  • What’s their “Geography’? Any patterns of Locale focal Points?
  • What are their methods?
  • What is in the trail of evidence?
  • Who are they close to?
Here where I twist things . . .
YOUR business is a BAU . . . and the enigma you are solving is seeking to understand the “Profile” of your perfect customer/client.
Think like the Criminal Minds BAU so you can learn your client’s “Triggers” (What causes them to take action – BUY)” . . . so you can FIND them.
I believe that many folks fail to succeed in business and life because they never think about taking the time to target and UNDERSTAND the people they intend to serve.
Your homework . . . Watch “Criminal Minds” and do what they do as you develop your targeted marketing approach to business.
and report back to me when you solve the problem (when you’re at the TOP).
this is the level of thinking that separates “The Vital Few” (20%) from “The Trivial Many” (80%).
Just sayin’

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