The Audit!




Very few people have happy, positive reactions to news of a surprise audit.

Whether it be the IRS, the Real Estate Commission, The Drill Sergeant, or your Mom’s “White glove inspection” of your room, every person who’s ever been audited KNOWS what’s there to catch and jitters about and hovers and attempts to distract said Auditor away from the known infraction/Defect.

You know where your shortcomings are because they’ve been on your “ToDo List” for the past 5 months 🙂

You keep saying: “I’ll get to that tomorrow – Surely, the Auditor won’t be here til I’ve got it done!

Auditor shows up, and there you sit with that “cat who got the canary” look on your face.

Why not develop a system that nips this eventuality in the bud?

One of my colleagues just had one of those surprise audits and sailed through because she is ALWAYS prepared. I knew she would be fine because I know of her attention to detail.

A few ways to “Audit-Proof” your business:

  • Create check-Lists for every level
  • “Manualize” your work flow as much as possible
  • Work from the Check-lists and Manual each and every day
  • Adjust as you go
  • Document and color code what’s right (and what’s not)
  • Maintain an uncompromising level of ACCOUNTABILITY for EVERYONE on your team . . . NO ONE is exempt.
  • Reward Right behavior and accuracy
When the Auditor shows up, offer the most comfortable chair in the house and a fresh cup of coffee . . . and RELAX!
As I write this, I reflect back on my day of practicing what I’m preaching.
In the past week, I’ve been methodically auditing my own closed files to be sure that mean auditor doesn’t catch ME off-guard, and it struck me that this process was being WAY more laborious than it should be.
Many files were incomplete, and I was having to hunt and peck through the DropBox files (on-line document storage) for the missing documents and signatures.
I first wanted to cast blame on my agents . . . Surely, they are all smarter than THIS????
Then I decided to audit one of my own transactions using the check-lists I was requiring my agents to use. Alas, there’s the rub!
BAD Checklist!
So . . . I spent the morning building a  GOOD checklist and “Manualizing” the “Contract to Close” process for a Pareto Realty Agent.
The accountability part is now EASY because the process is well defined . . . and I only need to require use of the “GOOD Checklists” to be more sure of complete files for the Auditor’s eyes.
Be Prepared!
Just sayin’

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