The art of scheduling – 10 Tips to Mastery

How often do you double (or triple) book yourself?

When you do, how do you reconcile the problem?

Which of the meetings do you reschedule and will you fess up to goofing?

Has this double (or triple) booking yourself become a habit?

Be careful . . . you might earn a new “Wishy Washy” badge which won’t be the optimal reputation for your career.

As with most everything that Matters, developing a good HABIT out of your scheduling practices is a worthy pursuit . . . and it won’t happen overnight.

There’s a Real Estate firm Broker/Owner friend of mine who has set no fewer than 10 appointments with me only to call 30 minutes prior to the appointed time to tell me “something has come up” so she’s gotta reschedule.

After the second reschedule, I stopped taking her seriously and knew that if she felt our meeting was important enough she would honor the appointment instead of rescheduling.

One might ask: “Why, then, did I continue to play the game of scheduling appointments with her knowing that she would likely reschedule?”

I accepted out of courtesy . . . and in part to see how it would unfold . . . Certainly, I lost a lot of respect for her as a viable business person.

After all, if she didn’t want to meet with me, why would she continue set appointments?

Mastering this art of scheduling is IMHO a critical component of personal and professional success.

There are 2 things most people won’t tolerate:

  • Wasting their money

  • Wasting their time


Here are some “Training Wheels” for those folks who are self identifying and willing to acknowledge they have a problem with scheduling.

  1. Begin EVERY day with 30 minutes of “Planning and Calendaring” – Review today’s appointments and the week and month ahead and identify any “openings” for new appointments

  2. TIME BLOCK – Reserve Time for solo “Lead Generation” or office time – and Identify templated meeting times

  3. Use electronic reminders to keep you on track to be in the right places at the right times

  4. Be willing to say “NO!” to folks with whom you don’t want to meet. Just because they ask for a slice of your time doesn’t mean you HAVE to meet with them.

  5. Schedule “Self Time” and “Family Time” before scheduling ANY business

  6. Leave an ample cushion of time between appointments to allow for travel time and mental gear shifting

  7. Prioritize every business appointment in terms of potential of THAT appointment resulting in more income/success

  8. Schedule recurring activities in static time slots for each week – eg – Training on Tuesdays at 11 – Reconcile Bank accounts 3rd Thursdays at 1

  9. Communicate your schedule to others – Let them know how your schedule works so as to “Train them” to respect your time

  10. Be willing to violate your schedule ONLY when absolutely necessary

This is all in the name of “The Golden Rule” . . . Respect others’ time just as you would wish them to respect yours.

Below is my daily template:

  • 5-5:30 – Attend to Spirit and Mind – Meditate, Pray, Affirmations

  • 5:30-6 – Dress, Shower, shave, etc

  • 6-6:45 – “Start the Blender” – Wake up the kids and get them ready for school – Walk the dogs

  • 6:45-7:30 – Take kids to school and go to office

  • 7:30-8 – Plan and Calendar

  • 8-11 – Lead Generate, Client Follow-up, Marketing, Social Media

  • 11-1 – “Self Time” – Get away from the office – Lunch with a friend, Hike in the park

  • 1 – Client Appointment

  • 3 – Client Appointment

  • 5 – Quittin’ time

Sure! There are days this template gets blown into oblivion because stuff happens, but on the days when I can hold to it, my productivity SOARS.

Give this a try.

Quit working so hard . . . You’re probably making things WAY more difficult than the need to be.

Finding sanity begins with mastering this art of scheduling.

You might even find time for an occasional (or scheduled) nap 🙂


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