THE Ancient Secret to sales Success

The most successful sales people know that sales is a contact sport.

Success doesn’t come from spending more time in the office.

Sales don’t materialize because you’re BUSY.

Being organized won’t pay your bills.

Attending every class and seminar and earning every designation in your field won’t generate more leads.

Complaining about lack of business doesn’t attract customers.

The truth is, a very small percentage of the folks in sales manage to transact a very large percentage of the total sales.

If you were to observe many of these insanely successful people, you might wonder how THEY could possibly be so successful. They’ll probably appear to be regular people who are tragically disorganized and over-the-top-attention-deficit.

These top producers may complain about being “too busy” and having “too many customers” . . . while all of the others are scratching and clawing along and living from paycheck to paycheck.

I’m betting there’s ONE “ancient secret” that’s the primary differentiation between those “Killing it” in sales and those “Being killed.”

Appropriate ACTION!

Specifically . . . Talk to a minimum of 10 people EVERY business day (5 days per week) and physically meet with a minimum of 2 people EVERY business day.

This secret strategy has no requirement for complex lead generation programs which include “Farming strategies” (bulk postal mail) Billboards, Radio/TV advertising, Elaborate SEO and social media strategies, email drip campaigns . . . these things are things that you might want to plug in later to “turn up the volume.”

Seriously – If you consistently and persistently have 10 conversations and 2 meetings every day 5 days each week, you’ll be making genuine contact with 60 people each week.

I’d bet a million bucks, you would gain a minimum of 2 well qualified leads every week.

So . . . that would be 8 clients each month and would likely generate in excess of 4 closed transaction each month.

How’s that compare with your current level of success?

Don’t tell me this won’t work for you until you DO it consistently for at least 3 straight months.

Most folks won’t do it and will never know.

Here’s your opportunity.

Are you up for the challenge?

Please tell me how it goes 🙂

(BTW – You can send my “Coaching fee” of 10% of the gross commission from your first 10 deals to my office address made payable to “Pareto Realty” :-))

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