The “All Home Sellers Are Desperate” Syndrome . . .

Surely anyone who has decided to sell a house in this economy MUST be doing so in sheer DESPERATION!

What rational being could even POSSIBLY think that a house could sell quickly for “enough” money these days?

After all . . . Doesn’t EVERYONE know that the statistics for home sales are in the crapper as compared to years before?

Just keep on listening to the media and the monotone grumbling of the “80% Trivial Many” home owners whose houses linger on the market for months and months . . .

Keep on drinking that Kool-Aid and you too can become a proud member of the exclusive group of folks who believe that ALL home Sellers are Desperate.

Meanwhile, the Vital few 20% Home Sellers are cruising along SELLING their houses and ignoring the buzz.

How do they DO this?

It’s simple . . .

  • Don’t list your house for sale unless you have REAL, GENUINE MOTIVATION to SELL it. With appropriate motivation, you’ll do whatever it takes to sell the house.
  • Pricing will be at (or slightly BELOW) market
  • Condition of the house will be stellar
  • The house will be STAGED and UNCLUTTERED and CLEAN as a whistle.
  • The house will be infinitely available for showings . . . ALWAYS ready and accessible with no funky pet or alarm instructions.
And when one of those cocky “ALL Home Sellers are DESPERATE” card-carrying buyers shows up and throws a ridiculous offer atcha . . . odds are good you can call their bluff with confidence.
Just sayin’
PS – Pareto Realty – The Vital Few specializes in working with home selling clients to position their houses in the 20% (Vital few) segment of the Middle Tennessee market (Nashville and Surrounding) . . . Contact us for a consultation.


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