The 5th week of March . . . Adult Spring Break!

Oh how LUCKY we all are!

We all get an extra week this month.

Really! Take a look at the month. There are nearly 5 full weeks, and in my case (and likely yours), I have monthly recurring events that populate my calendar automatically . . . Sales Meetings, board Meetings, Educational events, etc . . .

NONE of them fall on the 5th week 🙂

So . . . As I look at a wonderfully uncluttered calendar for this week, I am thinking I’ll just fill it with tidying up a few messes . . . and meeting with lots and lots of people just to catch up.

Why not . . . after all, it’s a free week.

Oh Sure! I could be more “responsible” with this gift and do something like finish my tax return or completely fill the calendar with sundry meetings . . . but . . . no . . . I think I see a few impromptu hikes in the park, a drive on the trace, a late breakfast at Loveless or the Pantry . . . Mid afternoon lunch and a beer at Sportsman’s or Southstreet.

I declare this week to be “Adult Spring Break”

Anyone else game?

Perhaps we should have a planning meeting at Goldrush 🙂

Don’t EVER pass up a perfectly good opportunity to recharge yourself . . . EVER!

Just sayin’



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