The 1 word opening

Each week, I do “check-ins” on Mondays 10-11 with the Pareto Realty team . . . These check-ins are very helpful getting a good start for the week. This isn’t just about accountability . . . It’s a way to check our pulses and shift gears (mindset) into a productive mode of operation. Intentionally “celebrating” each new week and all of the possibilities it may present creates the boost we all sometimes need to focus on doing the right things.

I’ve found that these check ins are more powerful when we begin with a “1 word Opening”.

“What is the 1 word that comes to mind that accurate describes your mental disposition NOW?”

Just as with any (all) directions to get from “A” to “B”, we must first know where we are before departing.

So . . .

Where are you now? (Physically, Mentally, Spiritually)

What’s your destination? (Where do you want to be?)

When do you want to arrive there?

It all originates from the same 1 word.

Published by Barry Owen

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