That whirlwind of chaos . . . VAMOOSE!

Is this URGENT matter IMPORTANT?

As we all spin through our own versions of living, we face LOTS of urgency.

EVERYONE seems to want EVERYTHING . . . NOW!!!!!

What one person thinks is extremely urgent may not be all that important to other people.

We must know the difference AND have the gumption to preserve our personal  space such that we are able to tend to more of the important and less of the urgent.

If you’re one of those people whose commitment to pleasing other people is so high that you’ll abandon the important stuff in a New York Minute to help someone through urgent chaos, please continue to read this.

Do you wake up every morning with a list that’s chock full of small fires to fight?

Do your feet hit the floor in a SPRINT to get it all done by day’s end and not feeling all that accomplished at the end of most days?

What are you doing each and every day to ADVANCE your personal and professional path towards some semblance of balance – Harmony – RHYTHM?

This can be a vicious, down-spiraling vortex which literally oppresses your soul.

and you become one of “the walking dead” just wishing that the madness would cease.

I’m writing this to tell you that there IS a better way.

This better way is NOT “rocket Science.”

It’s simple and easy to implement.

Getting there will require some new habits and a significant shift of mindset . . .

and will not happen over night . . .

In fact, I believe that lasting and significant change in Life Rhythm requires at LEAST 6 weeks of learning and practicing a healthier flow of your life each day beginning when your feet hit the ground in the morning and ending when you slip under the covers each night.

This requires real commitment and willingness to accept accountability.

I am absolutely positive that I can help you make this transition to a healthier, less stressful way of living.

All you’ve gotta do is register AT THIS LINK¬† and show up at every one of the 6 consecutive sessions.

During each 2 Hour, Weekly session (for 6 weeks) we will learn a LOT from each other and we will find the accountability to TAKE ACTION!

By Thanksgiving, we will have adopted some really fantastic productivity habits that will be nothing short of A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

Aren’t you ready to find yourself working less and earning more $MONEY$ and more FREEDOM and more LOVE and more SELF-WORTHY in 2017

  • October 12 – Who are you and WHY? (Life Roles and Goals)
  • October 19 – Budget – Energy, Time, Money
  • October 26 – Working IN your Business
  • November 2 – Working ON your Business
  • November 9 – Working on and caring for your SELF
  • November 16 – Establishing your own, unique Life Rhythm

Psssst . . . This Journey is not ONLY for REALTORS, so . . . If it resonates with you, . . . C’MON!

Tuition is $120 for the entire journey including printed materials

When you RSVP, I will invoice you through Paypal.

So . . . Are you ready to start working on creating a better, more successful, less fatigued version of yourself?

Below is the registration link – Let’s make some positive change in our Lives before Thanksgiving.

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