That FUNKY feeling

How long will you allow yourself to be in a funk before you do something about it?

The faster you tend to it, the happier you (and everyone around you) will be.

Can’t we all agree that moping around in a funk is paramount to being one of the most egregious wastes of human energy imaginable?

In fact, little else can usurp your personal power more efficiently and effectively as a full blown FUNK.

So . . . Why would you surrender all this for THAT?

We don’t surrender intentionally . . . It happens because things aren’t going the way we want them to go, so we withdraw and climb inside ourselves.

We don’t want to be around other people because they “wouldn’t understand.”

This thing has potential to snowball into a full fledged case of depression and/or anxiety . . . and we decide to cancel our appointments . . . or fail to show up for other “obligations” – Like the conference or party to which we RSVP’d “Yes!”

I’m writing this post because I see this as a real issue for ALL people, and the ones who have mastered a speedy climb from “funk” are the ones who succeed faster and more often.

The essential “must do” is the single thing that we funksters least want to do . . . Go and be with people – LOTS of people and ENGAGE!

No more “Woe is me!” . . . because you’re not the only one . . . the entire Universe conspires against all of us equitably.


Published by Barry Owen

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