Technology Sucks (Sometimes)

How many remote controls do you have in your house?

Is the one you need EVER in the right room at the right time?

If you do happen upon the right one, do you know how to use it?

When you’re comfortably sitting in your easy chair gloating at your brilliance for buying a wireless, what are the odds your print job will fail to communicate with the printer?

You Down-load your pictures from your new camera for your new listing . . . and they won’t up-load to your MLS . . . Because each one is 6 MB.

On the day you cancel all of your ability to send and receive faxes, you FINALLY break through with that REO Manager . . . who requires ALL documents to be submitted by . . . FAX.

The GPS in your car takes you out into the country and then tells you to turn left into a cornfield . . . Then tells you: “You have reached your destination!”

Your smart phone switches screens in the middle of a call – You think you disconnected the call (which you didn’t) and proceed to tell your buddies all the reasons you hate that client (on the open mike).

While consolidating the files in your computer, you inadvertently delete last year . . . ALL of it – Financials – Client files – Calendars.

The electricity blips in your house, and all 22 of your clocks are now flashing 12:00

The rest of the time, technology is nothing short of AWESOME!

Technology can be your most powerful leverage tool for creating and maintaining your budgeting of Time, energy, and money.

This week in our Life Rhythm Way Workshopwe will be exploring BUDGET.

We’re going to walk out of that room Thursday @ noon with a whole new arsenal of tools and techniques to find a level of personal performance you could only previously imagine.

If you’re in Middle Tennessee, it’s not too late to reserve your seat in the room.

Just connect with me before Thursday @ 10 AM

Published by Barry Owen

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