Tax Reform Bill – The sky is NOT falling!

3 minutes and 7 seconds of Peace of mind for those who are freaked about the Tax Reform Bill.

Open this video – If you want to get straight to the information, go to 4:11 and watch til 7:18

There is SO much fear “out there” which perpetuates from misunderstanding by REALTORS and the general public.

So many folks have “opinions” that are not based on facts or reality.

Casey Crawford on MID and Cap Gains – National Real Estate Post

Some of these folks have very LOUD mega-phones through which they project misinformation to the mass of men and women.

Because they are widely heard, many people inherently believe and trust these messages . . . because they claim to be “EXPERTS.”

Often, these folks are less factual and more “stir the pot” oriented because that creates inflammation which gives rise to uncertainty and FEAR amongst their massive audiences.

Next thing ya know, we’re believing that the sky is, indeed, FALLING and this tax bill is going to leave us all in a wasteland of financial destitution.

Casey Crawford hits the nail on the head when he says that LIFE EVENTS cause people to move.

Families grow, shrink, blend, seek different lifestyles, change jobs, relocate for retirement . . . Folks do NOT buy houses because of the mortgage deduction tax benefit.

Of course, the MID is a nice by-product of owning your home, but it’s not likely THE reason you bought your home.

Did you know that less than 30% of Americans itemize deductions and of those those 30%, many will not be affected by these tax law changes.

Most will be in their houses 5 or more years anyway . . . and if they do move, it’ll be because of a major life event or decision.

I liked his comment that these changes may result in more people with 2nd homes will decide to sell their 2nd homes . . . This would be something to CELEBRATE in most real estate markets because of inventory shortages and the fact that it will create another purchase and sale.

So . . . before you get all hot and bothered about the ramifications of new legislation based on the rantings of an “expert” information broadcaster (TV, Blog, Podcast, & etc.) do a “Reality check!”

Think it through and take the time to understand it well enough to make an informed decision to form your own opinion as to whether or not the sky is falling.


There’s a medical reason for taking my advice – Less stress – Lower Blood Pressure – Less frequent heartburn . . .

More enjoyment of life.

I’m so excited about the possibilities in 2018, I can barely contain myself, and this Tax Reform Bill is not much more than an inconspicuous blip on my radar screen.

How ’bout YOU?

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