Tattling on yourself?

How often do you hear phrases coming out of other peoples’ mouths and immediately get the gut feeling that what you just heard is hypocrisy?

From Wiki:

  • The claim or pretense of holding beliefs, feelings, standards, qualities, opinions or virtues that one does not actually possess. [from early 13th c.]
  • Moral self-contradiction whereby the behavior of one or more people belies their own claimed or implied possession of certain beliefs, standards or virtues.
  • How often do words come out of YOUR mouth that others might get that gut feeling?

    I think a lot more than I probably should about Authenticity – PERSONAL Authenticity.

    Do you know who you are, and are you projecting an outer persona that is the essence of you?

    My optimistic outlook is that I believe most people care about their own authenticity. After all, that exudes integrity and builds the trust and loyalty of other people.

    We all have cracks in our armor, though!

    And we tattle on ourselves with the words we choose and the body language we project,

    So . . .

    Be aware of words like:

    “It’s not that I am trying to be . . . ” (Difficult or judgemental)

    “Don’t take this the wrong way, BUT . . . ”

    Any time you use the word “But” you cancel out whatever came before it.

    “I HATE it when she does THAT!”


    “I don’t like it when she says . . . ”

    (Often said when a person sees or hears something from another person that he doesn’t like about himself)

    Any time judgemental thoughts pop into your mind . . . before you tattle on yourself by inserting your entire foot in your mouth . . . check yourself in your virtual mirror and learn something about yourself.

    AND use the word “and” very intentionally as you journey through your days . . . That’ll force you to “come from contribution” 🙂

    Etiquette 101, eh?

    and Personal Authenticity . . . It’s worth considering!

    I’m just sayin’



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