Taking inventory . . . of your goals!

Tomorrow is HALLOWEEN!

That means that we have 2 months to “finish” 2017.

For some folks, finishing a year is all about the passage of time. The ball drops, and we enter the new year with a “good riddance” nod to the outgoing year.

January 2, it’s “back to work” at more of the same as the year before just chomping at the bit to break our New Years resolution(s).

For others, finishing the year is pushing the envelop all the way to the end to squeeze the MOST out of every second of the outgoing year. We’re pushing to EXCEED our annual goals that we set for ourselves and our business Last Fall.

At the same time, we’re “Taking Inventory” . . .

How have we done this year?

How could we have done better?

What opportunities did we miss?

Which opportunities do we wish we hadn’t pursued?


What will we do differently in the new year?

WHO should we invite to journey with us going forward?

Who is with us now who may not be right for being on our bus?

NOW is the time to start thinking these thoughts and constructing 2018.

Party with the scary ghouls and goblins and Superheroes tomorrow night, and wake up on the morn of November 1 with a freshly cleansed outlook on creating a 2018 that’s SO much better than 2017.

When the ball drops on December 31, CELEBRATE all that was GOOD about 2017 and let that good mojo lift you into the jetstream that’ll whisk you into fulfillment of your goals and dreams for 2018.

OK! Time to swing into action to finish 2017 STRONG!

Get out there and make magic for the remaining 62 days.

(I’m your biggest cheerleader).

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