Surprised and Delighted

I walked into my bank Pinnacle Financial Partners a few weeks ago, and my “Personal Banker” Cheryl Plummer said that Connie (Client Service Specialist) had some books for me . . . Would I like to read them?

Because I had used their “Learning Center” several times, and have them on my email distribution for my weekly “Monday Morning Coffee”, they knew of my passion for reading and learning and educating (sharing) about business and life purpose/quality stuff.

Connie gave me a veritable treasure trove (bag full of) books all of which I have been enjoying since.

While reading The Starbucks Experience 5 Principles for Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary by Joseph A. Michelli, I had several “AHAs”

First was the realization that I was reading a book that very clearly described to me why my loyalty to my bank . . . because the book came to me in an extraordinary way.

the 5 Principles?

  1. Make it your own
  2. Everything Matters
  3. Surprise and Delight
  4. Embrace Resistance
  5. Leave your mark
My bankers surprised and delighted me with this gift . . . I had no idea that they KNOW ME so well . . . and I was amazed at their thoughtfulness and generosity.
Other “Surprised and Delighted” moments I’ve seen recently:
  • The driver of the car who STOPPED on Harding Road during rush hour to allow Deb, me, and Apollo (dog) cross safely – We cross that road every morning and have done so for 18 months, and this was the ONLY car that has EVER stopped – remarkable!
  • The photojournalist (I’m guessing) who I saw give his fresh cup of Starbucks coffee to a Homeless man and stop for a full conversation. I wonder what they talked about? They laughed together and hugged at the end.
  • The auto mechanic who “Fixed the unfixable” oil pan leak in my car with an oversized plug (saved me @ $400) . . . He didn’t have to do this . . . When I came to pick up the car expecting to pay $400, the cashier only asked for $87 – Surprise and Delight!
The list goes on . . . and the truth is that as Joseph Michelli so eloquently points out, “Everything MatterS
So . . . the point?
It’s easier than it should be to Surprise and Delight all day every day.
All it takes is a slightly heightened awareness of what’s going on around us and willingness to take responsibility by stepping up and doing that one simple thing no-one else has stepped up to do.
We can do this in our businesses intentionally so as to build trust and loyalty with our clients . . .
but this cannot be faked . . .
so . . .
If you’re REALLY going to do this right, Surprise and Delight other people all day long every day just because 🙂
I promise it’ll make your world a better place.
Just sayin’

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