Sunny Disposition

Trekking home from a vacation in Paradise.

mirrorLake Megunticook near Camden, Maine where we had a fabulous week with Parents, Siblings, and cousins.

we also had the good fortune of meeting Lucy – The golden retriever next door who always donned a life jacket and spent most of every day SWIMMING all over the lake. Lucy taught all of us about fun and curiosity and an especially welcomed dose of sunny disposition. Lucy’s eagerness and vitality was ever contagious. Everyone who saw her – SMILED.

The same thing happens at first sight of cousin Hadley who for the first time had his 3 cousins all to himself for a solid week. If there were a world record for number of smiles in a 6 day span of time, Hadley would surely hold that record.

We arrived at the Portland, ME airport a couple hours early anticipating the possibility of flight delays and found the airport to be all but EMPTY on this Saturday afternoon.

TSAEven the TSA line was barren, so we had plenty of time to have a leisurely lunch at the Shipyard Restaurant across from our gate.

While enjoying our burgers, we noticed a young couple with a young son who was working very hard to get my attention. I waved at him, and he grinned from ear to ear. As we enjoyed our burgers, we noticed the Mother whose smile was ever present as she “mothered” her child and loved her husband . . . she even smiled when the server told her there’d be a delay on her food . . . She said: “Don’t worry about it! I snuck a PB&J in the car on the way to the airport, and I’ll pick off my family’s plates.”

In the company of folks who have a sunny disposition, it’s not possible not to smile.

I like that . . . and I hereby pledge to hang out with more of THOSE rays of sunshine and less with those who darken the room.


Because I know it’s contagious, and I aspire to lighten as many rooms as I can while living here on earth 🙂

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