Success (or not) is YOUR choice

An inordinate number of new career starts FAIL within the 1st year.


This question was posed yesterday in a Facbook Group of Broker/Owners of Independent real estate firms across the country.

As you might imagine, there were MANY passionate answers ranging from “Lack of enthusiasm” to “Treating it like a hobby instead of a career” to “Not being coachable” . . . and even a few folks who fault the Principal Brokers for lack of training or supervision.

All of the myriad responses were valid . . . ALL of those “Reasons” apply, and I believe the most candid and truthful reason is newly licensed agents not taking their OWN responsibility to succeed seriously.

Everyone in every job on the planet has this choice to succeed . . . or not!

This IS a choice, and there are no shortcuts.

Of course there are those 1%ers who launch writ LARGE seemingly effortlessly . . . We ALL innately hate these people, and we all study them and wonder what they are doing that we mere mortals cannot seem to grasp. Try as we might, we cannot replicate their success by attempting to do what they do (Even if they hand you their book on how they did it), because success comes differently to every person.

All of we non 1%ers gotta pay our dues and learn from OJT (On the job training) . . . and statistically 20% of us will close 80+% of the business.

The 80+% of the other newbys will just get by or disappear within the first couple years after entry.

So . . . What’s it take to be one of those 20%ers?

Care enough to do the work necessary!

I don’t need to say more because local lender Shawn Kaplan gifted the world with this facebook post below.

It’s definitely “in your face” brutality, but that’s what ya gotta face til your intestinal fortitude carries you through the “pledging period”

| • Shortcuts & Life hacks • |
Someone asked me “what is one shortcut or life-hack you recommend to others to grow like you have?”
For some reason this really annoyed and bothered me.
You want a hack? You want to know how I got here? You want the secret to big results?
Get your ass up, start your day early, work late, exercise, read often, pay for a coach or mentor, give 100% each day, be mentally tough, fail often, admit your mistakes and fix them, and be prepared to commit to this for a VERY long time while getting kicked in the teeth daily. Sounds easy huh?
The closest thing I have to a “HACK” is my life motto 👉🏼 “Consistency and Diligence will ALWAYS outpace talent.” There you go.
Stop with the endless seeking of shortcuts gang. They don’t work long term. Widgets, gadgets, slick sales pitches, buying your leads, fad diets, miracle pills, or some other sort of crap to achieve the results you want in life. It won’t work long term. You want it bad enough? Then just Do. The. Work. 💪🏼

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.” –Robert Collier


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