Strike While the Fire is HOT!

I was just logging into ActiveRain this morning to write my daily post and noticed that I was “Spotlighted” . . .


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I hope you’ll find something useful here . . . and I hope you’ll think of me and Pareto Realty when you think of Nashville and Middle TN.

Today, I’m thinking about:

STRIKING while the Iron is HOT!

Have you ever noticed that when you turn all of your focus on a particular Listing or Buyer Client things start happening?

After weeks of doldrums, a boost of attention creates activity?

This is living proof that on which you focus EXPANDS!

Watch any great Ironsmith, Chef or finely tuned, lean, mean Real Estate Sales Professional Machine in action and you’ll notice some similarities.

  • They’ve always got mutlitple things (Irons, Pots, Clients/Prospects) cooking simultaneously
  • As they move along, they are very intentional about touching each thing consistently and persistently being very careful not to let too much time to pass between touches lest the brew be spoiled.
  • when any one of these Irons/pots/prospects shows any sign of nearing completion – THAT one gets FULL attention so that the “Finish” is as smooth and as close to perfection as possible.
  • These professionals know that striking too soon is just as damaging as waiting too long

This is the dance of the quintessential professional.

We put SO much effort into attracting prospects (Lead Generating) and then converting those prospects into Loyal customers and clients . . . and than so many professionals lose focus and fail to strike when the iron’s HOT.

Don’t be THAT person.

Executing this strategy is not as difficult as it might seem.

In my world, the number 15 is all I need to know. Each morning, I write down 15 “things”

  • the 10 people who MATTER most THAT day to me personally and professionally
  • the 5 ACTIONS that MATTER most THAT day to move me and my business closer to the goal

This focus on 15 creates the road map for every day and is instrumental in helping me know which irons are HOT and READY to STRIKE!

If you were to apply this simple principle in your daily routine, how might it affect your life experience?

Thank you for visiting!

Heading out to facilitate a “Lead Generation Matermind” – That’s where my focus is NOW 🙂



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