State of Readiness

Are you READY?

My first career was that of an Engineer Officer in the US Army. Everything we did was all about our “State of Readiness.”

Day in and day out, we practiced incessantly on even the smallest of tasks. We assembled – disassembled – Cleaned – Reassembled virtually every piece of equipment we would need in the event we were called to “perform in the Theatre of Operations” . . . over and over and over until we could literally do it blindfolded in our sleep.  I knew my weapons (M-3, M-16, M-60 and 1911) impeccably – Every scratch and every quirk, and every shot was “true.”

Mentally and Physically, we conditioned ourselves such that we would be fully capable to perform our mission even in the worst of circumstances.

On base, we were graded on our State of Readiness at all levels all of the time.

In the field, our performance demonstrated our State of readiness (or revealed our lack thereof).

How ready are you?

If your life depended on your readiness, would you notch your intensity up a few clicks?

We’re not all preparing for combat. but we ARE training for and embarking on missions.

If a client were to call you right NOW, how long would it take for you respond appropriately?

Could you write that offer or list that house by tomorrow . . . or would you need more time?

Are you mentally and physically prepared?

There’s much we can learn from the Military.





Develop these, and you’ll be ready.

(this is called “working ON your business”)

This ain’t easy nor fun, but it’s necessary!

PS – Here at Pareto Realty, these are the kinds of things we work on when we’re not eyeball to eyeball with clients.

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