SSSS – Super Secret Success Strategy

Anyone can do this . . . Most won’t!

  1. Actively seek new Customers/Clients every day
    • With all the passion you can muster each and EVERY day, set out to turn on as many peoples’ Reticular Activators such that, when they think of real estate (or whatever discipline in which you specialize), they think FIRST of YOU and take appropriate action by calling you IMMEDIATELY to make the connection. Be THE resource for ALL things real estate to everyone in your sphere of influence, knowing that statistic show that they will forget you every 21 days, so you MUST build an effective database to help you manage your communication with them.
  2. Niche Focus
    • Specialist – Expert – THE Authority – Master of – Strategist – “Special Forces” – Ninja – 1%er – Vital Few – Jack of ONE trade . . . Yep! If you want to be the Master, you’ve gotta specialize. What do you stand for? What’s your cause? What’s uniquely you? The most successful clearly understand the importance of singleness of purpose. These folks weather whatever storms they encounter and are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed at practicing within their niche, and they have patience and diligence even as the naysayers around them bait them to “homogenize” their business so as to appeal to a wider clientelle . . . They hear that the secret to survival is to “Serve Everyone,” yet they refuse to abandon their passion to serve their chosen “Vital few” . . . and BAM! One day they wake up and find themselves to be famous for being THE authority in their niche. Seth Godin touches on this here.
  3. Process
    • The most successful people and businesses understand the concept of developing a Process so as to be able to deliver the same (or better) service and product to every customer. Every day, these quintessential professionals wake up every morning with childlike wonderment as they practice their art . . . always thinking of one less thing to do without sacrificing service and quality. As they build their process, they leverage themselves by engaging the “right people,” developing effective systems, and investing in nothing but the best tools. There’s no skimping on these . . . nothing but the best will do, and these superstars are willing to pay top dollar for top results. These folks are ultra anal about requiring everyone involved in delivering their process (promise) to their customers and are relentless at holding others accountable.
  4. Care
    • The most important ingredient of this SSSS is not the engine (Lead generation, Niche Focus, and Process) . . . It’s the fuel of PASSION! What matters most is this “Care factor.” This is care for the customer, for the cause, for success and reputation. When fueled properly, this is not a “job” . . . never feels like a job . . . isn’t “work” . . . It’s just what we do with pleasure.

Try as I might, I cannot fathom anything more necessary than the above 4 components to achieve high performance (SUCCESS) in a Career.

“Getting this” at a high level will propel forward anyone who chooses to accept the challenge of building something great. This projection of force (Passion) creates a forward momentum that carries us through the dips and obstacles along the way and gives us the stamina and faith it takes to stay in the game long enough to succeed.

This is what we’re doing with Pareto Realty.

We, as a Real Estate Sales Firm, specialize in developing Real Estate Sales Specialists throughout Middle Tennessee (and likely in other cities). We work with our Agent members to help them build Real estate Sales Practices that LAST . . . and don’t feel like work.

If you’re feeling burned out and are ready for a boost, let’s connect.

Won’t it be fun to never “Work” another day in your life?

Visit Here for more details about the Pareto Realty Business model

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