Specialization ROCKS!

Specialization  is the key to success in this new and improved business environment.

It’s no longer all about how diverse your talents, skills, products, service areas are . . .

It’s now more about the QUALITY and EFFICIENCY of your delivery.

The consumers and clients of today demand NOTHING but the BEST . . . NOW!

So . . . Being all things to all people AND delivering the quality they demand is a virtual impossibility.

FOCUS must be on a NICHE . . . something YOU do better than anyone else on the planet.

Others may dabble in your art, but fall short of gaining the respect (and the pay) you enjoy.

I love it when I see a company that “gets” this.

TOMBOY TOOLS “is the only provider of hands-on education and high-quality tools for women. Tomboy Tools is an educational organization and direct seller of ergonomically designed hand and power tools. Our mission is to build confidence and empower women through hands-on education, quality tools and an independent business opportunity. We foster an internal culture that supports women and teaches them to feel confident using tools and to share that knowledge with others.”

THIS is a highly specialized tool company with predominantly “Pink for a Purpose” QUALITY tools for women.

I found them because my searches for tools to buy my wife for Christmas (Pink Tools were on her wish list) revealed several options all of which had “poor quality” reviews.

So . . . I turned the blogging world and searched for a blog about Women doing home improvement . . . stumbled across a blogger raving about TOMBOY tools and contact her.

These tools showed up as promised and are nothing short of wonderful – Sturdy and ergonomically designed to fit the female hand.

I told them I would endorse them AFTER Christmas lest I spoil the surprise for Deb on Christmas morning . . . She LOVES those tools.

How specialized is YOUR business?

To be specialized (and remain that way) you’ve gotta know LOTS of other specialists so you can refer folks who want something other than what you deliver.

As this cycle matures . . . so does your value 🙂

Just sayin’




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