Span of control

Control is illusory . . . ALWAYS!

Just when you think you’ve got it “under control”, someone forgets their lines or goes rogue from the plan or the technology blips.

Murphy’s job is to be sure this happens at some point in all pursuits.

The good news is that Murphy doesn’t always succeed in disrupting the flow.

Our efficiency with our response is essential to our success.

How quickly can we dismiss Murphy’s actions as just an annoyance . . . fix it . . . and carry on?

This efficiency relies on our span of responsibility being doable.

I’ve learned a LOT about this the past 5 weeks, because my 2 “Doodles” Elsa and Apollo produced 10 perfect puppies March 29.

They have their own YouTube channel here

Caring for these cute balls of fur was quite easy for the first few weeks. They pretty much stayed in a pile in the designated closet and woke up only to feed from Mama Elsa.

Things changed as their senses developed and they learned their little legs could get them from here to there faster by standing.

We started allowing them to leave the closet and gave them free access to about half the house. This was fun for us because these pups would do the funniest things and find the most creative hiding places. We were always counting. They didn’t make much of a mess (other than occasional very small puddles) . . . UNTIL we started feeding them solid food a week ago.

Simultaneously, their independence, physical coordination, and waste material (feces) all increased precipitously.

5 days into this, we realized that it was no longer fun to be chasing them around the house cleaning up their messes.

Their development and the amount of space we had given them exponentially overwhelmed our ability to keep up.

Something had to be done . . . So I decided we would decrease the span of space, so I erected barriers to contain them in 2 rooms.

Elsa, too, was overwhelmed with her 24/7 responsibilities, so last night we reduced their span of access to her by letting her sleep in her crate at night instead of in their room.

There’s an ebb and flow to this that I thnk we must all consider as we travel our personal and professional paths.

We must recognize when our span of responsibility is too much handle.

When we are “out-performed” we must then do something about it by adjusting the span.


We CAN do this, and we MUST lest we end up moving to the funny farm.

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