“Someone” should DO something about this!

The traffic light is flashing yellow at the busiest intersection creating mayhem.

The service at the restaurant is SLOW.

The grocery store has 2 “frozen aisles” . . . on opposite ends of the store, so at the end of you shopping you either have soupy ice cream or thawed french fries.

The list goes on . . . The casual observer can easily find “idiocy” EVERYWHERE . . . and it’s SO easy to shift mental gears into “Complain mode” . . . and the more time you spend in “complain mode” the more stupid stuff you tend to witness thereby fueling the new “complain skill” you’ve so adeptly trained yourself.

It’s a  veritable vortex that’ll ultimately take you down a path of “stinkin’ thinkin'” and a scarcity mentality . . .

Congratulations! Before long, you’ll have achieved the honorable title of “Victim”.

I can think of a more productive way.

When you see something awry and feel that twinge inside of you that says “SOMEONE should do SOMETHING about this” acknowledge that this is moment when a bit of passion has budded within you.

This is a perfect opportunity for you to practice abundance thinking and take ACTION (albeit small) . . .

Pick up the cell phone and call the non-emergency Police line to report the traffic light malfunction. 

Speak with the manager in the restaurant and tactfully let her know the food is great but your service wasn’t.  

take your soupy ice cream to the Grocery manager and show it to him with your suggestion that all the frozen be on the same aisle.

It’s easy to complain . . . as long as you keep yourself in denial about how that affects your psyche.

It’s when that twinge of passion meets personal responsibility to take appropriate action when simply awesome things start happening all around you.

Next thing ya know, everyone sees you as being the person who just seems to get things DONE.

That’s not a bad reputation to have for a professional, eh?

Just sayin’



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