Some reasons to buy and/or sell a house in 2015

Because it checks off one of your New Year Resolutions

After all – You’ve been talking about moving (or renovating) for a while now and just haven’t found the chutzpa to do anything about it. All the things you don’t like about your current place haven’t resolved themselves, yet you continue to stay there because it’s more convenient (and safe) to avoid change.

House values in Middle Tennessee have rebounded to at or above pre-market-crash values and are projected to continue to grow at a healthy rate in 2015 (@3-5%)

If you’re thinking about selling, waiting won’t significantly increase your probable selling price, and the market is short on inventory – There are buyers out there NOW looking for a house just like yours to come on the market at a fair price . . . If you’re thinking about buying? Rising prices and the probability of rising mortgage interest rates through 2015 will mean that as the year progresses, the buying power of your money will DECREASE with every moment you wait.

The process of the real estate transaction seems to be getting MORE complex as time marches on.

Mortgage lending and underwriting guidelines are getting more stringent as new Federal RESPA rules phase into the process. Even some of the cleanest borrowers are having hiccups in securing timely financing. This emphasizes the importance of starting the process SOONER than later so as to be able to have the time necessary to work through any financing blips.

Another reason to start the process SOONER . . . The inventory of available homes for sale is LOW!

If you’re selling, there’s not much (if any) competition out there for your house (assuming you beat your neighbors to the market). List now, and your house will get NOTICED – FAST! If you’re buying, the sooner you get yourself prequalified for financing, the better chance you’ll have for being in a great position to POUNCE on that perfect house that pops on the market.

They’re not making more dirt . . . and traffic has no possibility of improving in the next few years.

In the core of Nashville, the only available houses are re-sales in need of rehab, renovated, or “In-fill” new construction. Waiting will not change this. The commute from the burbs gets progressively worse with every passing day. A viable mass transit system is yet to even hit the drawing board meaning that we’ll be lucky to have any congestion relief within 5 years . . . Values in Davidson county will climb precipitously as traffic woes intensify and people seek ways to spend less time in their cars (sitting still).

Nashville’s “All grown up” now . . . We’re considered to be an “It City” with fine dining, fine Art, Fine Music, Diversity of culture, and increasingly walkable neighborhoods . . . Investing in a home in Nashville is an investment in Nashville’s quality of living.

Real Estate is an investment when bought at the right time and the right terms.

2015 is looking like it has good potential for being a pivotal year for investment oriented Buyers and Sellers. Get in this game EARLY!

Surely, there are more reasons to buy and/or sell a house (or houses) in Middle Tennessee in 2015 . . . and many of these reasons are relatively to YOUR needs and wants.

So . . . My point . . . Dive into this process EARLY (which means NOW – the last week of December) by connecting with me ASAP (615.568.2123 or or your preferred REALTOR (A Pareto Realty Niche Sales Professional would be a FABULOUS choice) . . . Simply ask for an “Initial consultation” and meet with the REALTOR to get a good, solid start on this process.

I can’t wait to see you smiling ear to ear at the closing table 🙂

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