Some random thoughts @ developing yourself as a LEADER

Lots of people have lots to say about Leadership.

I write words and words and words about Leadership, and I sometimes wonder what (if any) impact all of it has on the readers.

As I read John Maxwell’s “21  Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – Follow them and People will follow You”, light bulbs are flashing in my head with each of the laws.

This ain’t rocket science . . .

There really are only a few “Real, Strong” Leaders in any group and folks are usually very quick to credit the influence of those people to “Natural Gifting” (Innate charisma, talent, genetics, social status) . . . John Maxwell reports that only about 10% of all leaders are where they are due to Natural gifting.

5% of leaders became Leaders out of necessity as a result of a crisis . . . Something horrendous happened, and they rose to the occasional and performed herculean feats . . . and people followed.

The remaining 85% became Leaders because of “Influence of another Leader”.

So – 85% of all Great Leaders became who they are because of their CHOICE to actively pursue other great LEADERS and learn from them.

If this is true, couldn’t ANY and EVERY person become a great leader?

I say: “YES!”

and the only difference between those who do and those who don’t boils down to CHOICE.

– Choosing to Develop Yourself

– Choosing to Develop Your Team

– Choosing to Develop Leaders

Now, here’s the secret ingredient . . . Great Leaders maintain focus on improving their STRENGTHS . . . and finding and developing other Leaders who are strong where they are weak.

The focus is clear. We all know where the train is going, and we ALL focus on improving our strengths . . . all boats rise with the tide.

Think community. Whether it be a community of REALTORS or a community neighborhood, or a community school parents, or a community of polo players, or a community of homeless people . . . the rich, the poor, the fat, the thin, the bold, the meek, The geeks, the DINKS, the yuppies, the y’s, the x’s, the Millenia . . . all are communities.

and within each are LEADERS.

I’ll betcha the farm that most of those leaders can tell you without hesitation what great leader inspires them. Every great Leader I know is a great follower of a leader who continues to stretch them . . . and build on their strengths.

My father Harrison Owen – seth godin – Stephen Covey – john maxwell . . . and a whole passel of others whom I choose to inspire my Leadership performance every day.

Who leads YOU?


Are you getting stronger every day?

Focus on your 20% (strengths) and surround yourself with folks who are strong in your weak areas.

and DIVE in whenever possible – The water’s warm.


On a week end during which we commemorate the Life and death of one of the planet’s most infulential Leaders – Jesus!

Just sayin’



Happy Easter!

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