So much to do – So Little Time

Feeling frazzled?

Like a gerbil on an exercise wheel – running, running, running and not making progress?

or like a dog chasing his tail.

Are you so busy you don’t know what to do next?

This feeling of being out of control from the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning til you pass out from fatigue at day end is for the birds.

Did you sign up for this, or was your version of “Living the Dream” different than current reality?

So . . . THIS is what “Success” Looks like?

This madness CAN stop!

The secret ingredient begins with a commitment to S.L.O.W. D.O.W.N. enough to find a better Life Rhythm.

Yep! Wouldn’t it be great if you could find a comfortable FLOW instead of an endless series of SPRINTS to exhaustion with mediocre results?

What if there were a way to train yourself to “Plan and Calendar” effectively such that you can find a rhythm of living, working, and playing with less stress and anxiety?

If you were to have that, what would you worry about?


Maybe you wouldn’t NEED to worry anymore . . . After all, worrying is like rocking in a rocking chair – It gives you something to do but doesn’t get you anywhere.

Let’s do some serious decluttering with respect to the way we use our 24 hours each day.

Let’s “Make Time” for fulfillment because “Life’s too short” not to enjoy every morsel.

I just threw a LOT of cliches atcha in the hope that I can grab your attention if only for a moment.

We all deserve more enjoyment and space to focus more on things that truly matter in our lives and less on the rest.

Periodically, I invite folks to participate in a “Self Study, quality of life upgrade” workshop entitled: “Life Rhythm”

To do this workshop right, we’ll need @ 8 hours together, and I’ve discovered through trial and error that the best rhythm for this course of study is 4 weekly 2 hour sessions.

YOU are invited!

Wednesdays 10-12 – October 14, 21, 28 & November  4

Cost $150 for the whole thing.

Location – West Nashville, TN

Just in time for learning and adopting new habits and dialing in goals for 2016 . . .

Are you ready to invest in yourself?

Simply email me to “Pre-register” and I’ll send you the details.

I’m SO proud of you – You’re gonna ROCK in 2016!



Published by Barry Owen

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