So many questions – Plenty of time

When a student asks LOTS of question, the teacher knows that student is engaged.

The teacher also knows the student cares about doing the right things and doing things right.

This teacher also learns through the student’s questions.

A particularly inquisitive student may challenge the teacher and ask questions enough outside the box that stretch the teacher to the point of having to “think about it and get back to you” followed by flurry of research and/or questioning peers.

In our hustle bustle world, we might tend to stray to the way of not having time to entertain questions as they deserve thereby potentially short-circuiting engagement and learning . . . after which things start going wrong, and the teacher says to the student: “Ah! You should have asked me about this before it became this urgent.” . . . to which the student replies: “I tried to ask you, but you were too busy to hear my question, so I did the best I could on my own.”

Of course, we can all resort to the internet, right? After all, if it’s on the internet, it must be true and accurate . . . The biggest problem with the internet IMHO is that there is TOO much information all of which is prioritized by algorithms constructed around popularity, so if you don’t like the answer you see on the first page, you might go to the second page and/or rephrase the question until you find the answer you want . . . which might actually not be right.

In lieu of visiting your Doctor (because he’s too busy to see you), you determine your own prognosis based on an internet search and prescribe your own treatment and wonder why you’ve not healed . . . or worse.

As a Principal Broker of a very active passel of real estate sales professionals, I am asked MANY questions every day and am thankful for each of them (The people and their questions) because I know we are all learning together and oh-so-focused on doing things right the first time.

So . . . I beg of you . . .

Ask more questions!

When asked questions, make the time to listen and respond!

That. Is. All.

Published by Barry Owen

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