“Smart”, “Dumb”, or Brilliant?

@dumbrealtors followed me on Twitter yesterday. I always check’m out just to see if it’s someone worth following and decided not. This is a guy who says he is in the market for a house and has not been pleased by the service of the REALTORS who have attempted to help him . . . so he has launched a website where he posts dumb things that REALTORS do. (His description of the site is less flattering)

Certainly, there are dumb things being done everywhere and in every profession. A whole passel of very smart Corps of Engineers folks made some dumb choices last May in Tennessee which resulted in a HUGE increase in the flooding downstream (Down town Nashville flooded) because they were trying to avoid flooding in much less populated areas upstream.

Are those Engineers DUMB people?

If so, what defines a “smart” person? By this line of thinking, the smart people are the ones who choose NOT to take action that has any possibility of going awry . . . They stay neutral, passive, SAFE!

Are “book worms” smarter than others?

Are absent minded people dumb?

There are people making millions of dollars writing and publishing Books “_________ for DUMMIES”!

Is it cool to be “Dumb”?

So . . . whole adult industries have sprung from our childhood playground banter.

We also learned on the playground that it’s not cool to be “Smart”. After all, “Smart” people are nerds, geeks, brown-nosers, and weird.

Pick any person you’ve ever heard of who is considered to “BRILLIANT” and check out some history (biography/autobiography) and I’m betting that you’ll find that person to have been a underacheiving, upstart with bad behavior . . . or an isolated geek (Bill Gates) . . . or someone plagued with a learning disability (like dyslexia or ADHD) . . . who somehow beat the odds and ended up on TOP.


It’s not about how “smart” or “dumb” a person appears to be . . . it’s about what I am going to coin “the brilliance factor” which (as of yet) has been enigmatically difficult to detect much less measure with any degree of accuracy.

We can measure IQ or aptitude or “Giftedness” till we’re blue in the face, but that won’t tell us who’s going to excel in life relative to her peers.

SO . . . Why is it that such a proportionately low number of people reach the highest of highs (1 Percentile)?

2 words



When passion is high, an individual has superhuman powers . . . and when that person then takes responsibility for that passion by stepping forward and taking appropriate action . . .

Success happens!

Just sayin’



Dummies UNITE!

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