“Showing up” is worth a Million Bucks

Would you like to be a Millionaire?

Perhaps you’re not motivated by large sums of money, but odds are good you have aspirations for some level of success.

Don’t be one of those poor, unfortunate souls who climbs into a cave and sobs into a bowl of wheaties when things aren’t playing out per your plan/expectations.

I believe the first and foremost fundamental principle for success (becoming a Millionaire)  is “Show up and be Present”.

Until you do this, you’re invisible . . . success is not more than a wistful pipe dream.

What does “Showing Up” mean?

  • In those moments you find yourself with nothing to do, go DO something relating to your work.
  • Use down times to think strategically
  • Innovate and create
  • Start a new project
  • Complete an “old project” or decide to abandon it
  • Find someone in your industry you believe to be VERY successful and ask her if you can follow her for a day.
  • Go be with clients where THEY are and let them know you are alive and well
  • Put yourself out there on the playing field so you have the opportunity to play with the game ball (instead of the loose practice balls on the sidelines)
  • Find a class or seminar and attend it . . . Engage with as many people as you can stomach while there
What does “being present” mean?
  • First – You cannot be present until you show up (See above)
  • Once you get there, PAY ATTENTION
  • FOCUS 100% of your energy on NOW (Not past or future)
  • Be very attentive to your inner voice and move on if it’s telling you you’re in the wrong place (the law of 2 feet).
  • Now appreciate the people who come . . . Each one has a unique purpose for showing up in your life at that time and place
Showing up with Eyes wide Open and full attention engaged often is the subtle differentiating factor between those who live large lives and those who don’t.
It’s never too late to start . . .
Just sayin’

Published by Barry Owen

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