Should I hold an Open House July 5th?

Eenie Meeny Miney Mo Catch a Tiger by his toe.

Because Independence Day July 4 falls on a Saturday this year, the weekend is quintessentially poised to be a 3 or 4 day weekend for many folks. Some will have planned to stretch their summer vacay by tacking this fat weekend on the front or back of their week away.

Is it “worth the time and energy” invested for a REALTOR to host an Open House the 5th?

Won’t “everyone” be out of town?

Surely NO ONE will be looking at houses, right?

If you’re trying to talk yourself out of it, you’re right . . . If you don’t host the Open House, no one will come.

But – What if you DO hold the Open House?

Families might be traveling INTO Nashville with plans to relocate from another city.

Assuming some of the logic of reason not to do this are true, wouldn’t that effectively “Separate the Wheat from the chafe?” ┬áThe “quality” of the Open House visitors will likely be better than on most other Sundays . . . because if they are out looking at houses on THIS complicated Sunday (in the midst of a National Holiday Weekend) when they have SO many reasons NOT to, then they MUST have some REAL motivation.

So if you are more interested in QUALITY of Open House Visitors than QUANTITY, Sunday July 5th might just be the PERFECT Sunday to host an Open House.

Go ahead!


Stick your neck out there and start promoting it today.

I can’t wait to hear your results on Monday.

Isn’t this nearly always the path to true quality?

Pick the path less traveled.

Separate from the herd and dare to test the unpopular strategy.

Worry less about how MANY people show up and pay more attention to WHO shows up (the Vital few folks).

Hmmmm . . . Now adopt this way of thinking for many other aspects of your life.






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