I remember the “cheaters” in PE during Elementary School – You know the ones . . . They’d run half way out the course just beyond sight of the teacher and then cut across the middle instead of doing the whole track.

Do you know why Wendy’s burgers are square?

Because Wendy’s doesn’t cut corners (With ANYTHING . . . including fresh ingredients)

The shortest path between 2 points isn’t always a straight line.

What if there’s a quagmire (marsh) in the middle?

Short cutters cheat themselves.

Have you considered the “Creativity Cost” of going digital?

As we rely more and more on the digital world, our potential for creativity can erode . . . and we may begin to compromise long standing standards.

We forget how to do things like simple math – knowing proper spelling and punctuation – and often relegate what once were genuine relationships to the digital one dimensional tweets, posts, likes, and comments.

When I teach The Life Rhythm Way “Time, Energy, and Money Budgeting” segment of my workshop, I introduce a series of Daily, weekly, monthly, annual worksheets which serve as the primary tools for finding personal and professional high achievement.

the “Standard” I put forth for using these forms is that they be HAND WRITTEN . . . and there’s good reason. The odds of this program succeeding increase precipitously when folks write things by hand . . . There’s more creativity evoked . . . akin to providing a higher level of OWNERSHIP for following what is written.

The people who go “All Digital” and use spreadsheet versions of these forms are, in fact, taking shortcuts because they don’t have to rewrite their goals each month. This subtle nuance has draconian results which often have these folks proclaiming that the program “doesn’t work”

Well . . . your car won’t work very well either if you put koolade in the gas tank instead of petrol.

Don’t let the digital world steal your creativity . . . and don’t let it rob you of your own standards . . . It’ll sneak up on you (like the boiling of a frog)

Next thing ya know, you’ve missed the boat.

In our real estate sales practice, we very intentionally use digital tools to LEVERAGE our work, but we are VERY careful about maintaining our standards when it comes to our client relationships and attending to creative business development.

If our business were a hamburger joint, our burgers would be square 🙂

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