Short weeks can be the MOST Productive

Happy Birthday America!

July 4 – Independence Day is on a Thursday this year.

Many families will be on vacation for the whole week. This is the first “in season” week for most of the vacation destinations North of the Mason-Dixon line. All schools and Universities are on Summer Break. Here in Tennessee, the weather is HOT and STEAMY, so people are seeking cooler climes or migrating to lake, river, or ocean retreats from the grind.

Others are taking a “Long weekend” opting to leave Wednesday and return to work on Monday.

For those of us not travelling this week, we are enjoying the relative peace.

The absence of all of the vacationers provides a much welcomed decrease in over-all activity. It’s not that we don’t like y’all being around . . . It’s just that we can get SO much more done while you’re away.

We relish the minimal interruptions that disrupt our focus, and we enjoy the hyper-productivity that results. This morning, I followed my normal routine – Reviewed and revised annual goals – Decided which projects I would tackle this month – Created a schedule for this week which includes enough “completion” to have accomplished a full week’s worth of work . . . in 3 days (Mon, Tue, Wed).

This morning, I decided that I was even going to amp up the productivity another notch (or more) by pretending to be going out of town after work on Wednesday for a WEEK.

When you leave town for a full WEEK (or more), isn’t it A.M.A.Z.I.N.G how much you can get done in the 2 or 3 days prior to departure? You’re busy tying loose ends, getting things in order, making “touch-base” calls to all clients to let them know you’ll be away, and you’re tidying up your business and handing it off to you “back-up” partner in your office.

This amplification of productivity is literally nuclear.

Give it a try . . . Invoke “SUPERYOU” and knock the ball out of the park for today the next 2 days while your competition is sleeping (or away).

Then enjoy your own long weekend staycation content that you’ve completed one of your most productive weeks EVER . . . in 3 days.

Hmmmm . . . I wonder what all of this says about how we can optimize our resources (Time, Energy, Money) under “normal conditions.

Begin with insulating yourself from distraction during the times you’re focusing on “dollar-productive” activities.

Hoping you enjoy a fun and safe July 4 Celebration!

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