Shifting Market Mentality

This is for all those folks out there who think they’ve got a good mental grasp on the housing market . . . You’re playing mind-games with yourself.

Just when you think you’ve got it, something shifts.

New regulations show up . . .

All the builders suddenly shift their focus to another part of town . . .

There are “For Sale” signs all over the place, but it seems that when you inquire EVERY house is under contract . . .

The news media hasn’t reported a full market recovery . . . yet there’s new construction happening all over the place . . . and most of these new houses are SOLD before they’re complete.

If you’re on the hunt for a house under $500,000 in west Nashville, you’re looking for a needle in a haystack . . . and when you find one that’s actively on the market, it’s either going to be VERY funky . . . or you’d better submit an offer NOW along with the 3 or 4 other offers that listing agents will receive today.

If you’re lucky, though . . . you’ll have read this blog post and internalized a VERY critical mental concept for a shifting market:

“Find a Real Estate Sales Professional who is a LOCAL SPECIALIST, and BEG her to represent you in your search and purchase of a house in her area of expertise.”

That’s really the only “mentality” you’ll need to turn your futile zillow driven property search into a fruitful and REAL search for the quintessential new house for YOU.

Wherein lies the difference?

Why will this “Niche Specialist” single-handedly change your experience (and results)?

She brings a mentality steeped with EXPERIENCE and MARKET KNOWLEDGE and RELATIONSHIPS with her “colleagues/peers” (Other Real estate Sales Professionals in the area) . . . and with her finger squared firmly on the pulse of that particular market can root out properties that aren’t yet seeable to us mere mortals.

Only 2 mentalities required for success in a shifting market.

A Home Buyer/Seller Mentality to find the right LOCAL Niche Specialist


A Real Estate Sales Professional with the mentality to BE a LOCAL Niche Specialist.

The rest seems to take care of itself.


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