Shark bait for houses

“They” say: “Get while the gettin’s good!”

and: “The early bird gets the worm!”

and: “You snooze, you LOSE!”

and: “Buy low – Sell HIGH!”

All of the above are applicable to today’s real estate market here in Middle Tennessee and most other real estate markets in the country.

Most markets are reporting rising prices, and we are only now entering the last week of January – a time when Historically REALTORS are ecstatic to have any sign of life WRT Home Buyers and Sellers.

Buyers are coming out of the woodwork here in Nashville.

It’s a veritable swarm of shark Buyers trolling the market looking for just about any fresh, newly available house.

In times like these, the Buyer who hesitates often loses the opportunity to see the house before it goes under contract.

Sometimes, ALL of the Buyers miss a great new listing, and it lingers 3 or 4 weeks on the market UNTIL one buyer notices . . . and starts circling.

This buyer had better POUNCE before any other buyers notice, because this Buyer’s interest releases a scent that attracts other Buyers just as shark bait quickly produces a feeding frenzy.

Just because a house sits on the market for 3 weeks unnoticed doesn’t mean there won’t be multiple offers when that scent shows up.

If you REALLY like a house, don’t hesitate!

Don’t give me cause to say: “I told ya so!”

Just sayin’

Published by Barry Owen

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